Quality Planning Co., Ltd

Quality Planning Co., Ltd presents its compliments and has the honor to offer its services on design and supervision of works in all stages starting from investment offers, techno-economic feasibility studies for construction and reconstruction projects including the development of detailed engineering design.

Our company’s main strategy:

  • detailed development and creative approach for technical and economical issues resolution;
  • introduction of new technical solutions and technologies, including automatic one;
  • provision of professionals succession in the company.

The most valuable asset of our company is highly qualified and experienced personnel. We consider the client’s requests and demands while providing the service.

Quality Planning Co., Ltd carries out all types of design works in the field of highway (transportation), industrial and civil engineering, including the author’s construction supervision.

Infrastructure facilities design

– Highways and railways
– Bridges and overpasses
– Buildings and facilities
– Industrial enterprises
– Water and agricultural facilities
– Communal facilities
– Gas stations
– Airports and airfields
Integrated Engineering Surveys

Architecture and design

– Development of the architecture and construction solutions;
– Architectural planning;
– Preparation of drafts and blueprints;
– Pre-drafting;
– Development of project documentation;
– Reconstruction:
– Technical estimation;
– Survey of technical condition of buildings and structures;


– Complex engineering surveys: topographical surveying, geological surveys, ground investigations and field ground studies;
– Topographic studies and survey of structures and areas;
– Survey of draining, ground, and geotechnical researches;
– Testing of construction materials

Supply of machinery and equipment

– Market analysis
– Transaction support
–  Assistance in customs clearance and other documentation.
– Equipment certification
–  Preparation of feasibility study

Quality Planning

During implementation of our projects we have an attitude for free dialogue with each client – irrespective of if he is the representative of large or small-scale business. Just understanding our clients’ requirements and making successful cooperation with them, we can reach the best results.


Quality Planning

The core of our activity is creative approach for each new project and readiness to realize solutions of any difficulty for getting best result oriented to the individual interests of the client. Professionalism and modern software let us prepare highly detailed and elaborate designs in short time.