Design Estimates

Development of design estimates for the construction of a main water conduit (drinking water) from ЦУВС -2 to ЦУВС -4 in Aktau

Project Description:
The projected external main water supply networks are intended for supplying drinking water to new projected housing estates in N17,18,18a, 19,30 in Aktau.
The networks were implemented on the basis of the technical conditions of the Mangistau Nuclear Power Plant KAZAVTOPROM in the city of Aktau.
According to the technical specifications, connecting of the projected network to a pressure pipeline of drinking water Ǿ600mm, at the collector N1, the main pump station ЦУВС-2.
The water pressure at the point of attachment is within 6.5 kg / cm2.
The connection is made by inserting a steel tee Ǿ630x630mm into the existing network Ǿ600mm, with dismantling and replacement of n. section L = 5.0m at the point of the frame and then the construction of a water well and the installation of a cut-off valve (gate Ǿ600mm) complete with counter flanges.

Provided Services:

  • Topographical and hydrological researches
  • Topographic surveying
  • Construction materials analysis
  • Utility lines surveys
  • Preliminary campaign on design of water main and drainages
  • Study of existing engineering structures
  • Study of adjacent territory of natural conditions
  • Region climatic condition study
  • Geotechnical condition
  • Geotechnical condition erection of formation
  • Geotechnical condition of engineering structures section
  • Region hydrological characteristic
  • Social studies
  • Cultural and historical, archeological monuments sacrifice works
  • Technical decision making on water main design construction
  • Survey of existing overhead voltage lines that intersects the water main, intersection angle, line suspension height over the water main axis.
  • Survey of existing underground communication lines that intersects the water main, intersection angle
  • Detailed design of water main
  • Detailed design of junction unit
  • Reconstruction of existing communication lines
  • Analysis of building materials
  • Preparation of estimate documents, including resource and local estimates
  • Preparing the project for construction

Republic of Kazakhstan

Akimat Aktau