Bridge Construction

Construction (Reconstruction) of  bridge over Ili river ПК 155+78 of road Almaty-Kokpec-Chundja-Koktal-Horgos, Lot # 23

Brief Description of Project:

The Project is developed according to the Program of development of Road Field of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2006 – 2012 and approved by the President Decree of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 1227 from 09.12.2005 and Transportation strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to 2015 that was approved by the President Decree of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 86 from 11.04.06. Motor road «Almati – Kokpek – Chundja – Koktal – Khorgos» is the regional road that is part of international transit corridor «Western Europe – Western China». I-B category bridge. In working documentation the design of new bridge structure was calculated taking into account modern loads А14, НК-120, НК-180. Foreseed developing of existing bridge parameters to requested parameters.

Bridge complete length: 693 m
Bridge scheme: 16х42 m
Bridge dimensions: 11,5 pcs
Bridge area: 9712,8 m2
Construction period – 54,6 months.

Description of practical Services Provided by Qulity Planing Co., Ltd

The following tasks are intended for implementation within this project:

  • Topographical and hydrological works on the area
  • Topographic surveying
  • Detailed bridges study
  • Construction materials study
  • Current supply lines study
  • Checking of bridge operating and road traffic safety
  • Bridge design preliminary campaign
  • Region natural condition study
  • Region climatic condition study
  • Geotechnical condition
  • Hydrological characteristic of the Region
  • Traffic intensity analysis and research
  • Technical decision making on bridge design reconstruction and building
  • Provide riding surface with drainage system
  • Bridge structure design calculation
  • Span calculation
  • Bridge connection with the bank
  • Road signs
  • Road lightning design
  • Road-building materials analysis
  • Preparation of construction organization project

Republic of Kazakhstan

Ministry of Transport and communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Highway committee of Almaty region Department