Water Resources Management

Detailed Design for the Ferghana Valley Water Management Project – Phase 1

Project Description:

The main objectives of the project are to improve agricultural production in areas affected by flooding and to reduce damage to housing infrastructure as a result of rising groundwater levels and salinity in the project area. The tasks are the final EA project in the Fergana Valley 9.3.09 (ENG) 27 is achieved through the restoration of the irrigation and drainage system through institutional capacity in the field of sustainable water management and agricultural production.

The achievement of the project objectives will be measured using the following key performance indicators: (a) lowering the groundwater table, (b) increasing the production of main crops such as cotton and wheat, and (c) reducing the flooding area in human settlements. Improved water productivity is understood as greater agricultural production per unit of used water, and will be achieved through the rehabilitation of drainage and irrigation systems, improved groundwater management, and measures to support local farmers and communities. Improved water resources management as a whole will be measured by increasing the number and reliability of flows in the SyrDarya basin based on water balance studies. The objectives of this Project will be to promote the country’s assistance strategy (CAS) to increase agricultural production, employment and income, living standards and the environment.

Provided services:

  • Topographic and hydrological research
  • Topographic surveying
  • Construction materials analysis
  • Utility Lines surveys
  • Study of existing engineering structures
  • Study of adjacent territory natural conditions
  • Preparation of estimate documents, including resource and local estimates
  • Preparing the project for construction

Republic of Uzbekistan

JSC “Electrtarmokkurilish”