Construction (Reconstruction) of road section from km 24,1of road Almaty – Ust – Kamenogorsk  to km 126 of road Almaty-Kokpec-Chundja-Koktal-Horgos, Lot # 21.

Brief Description of Project:

The Project is developed according to the Program of Road Field development of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2006 – 2012, approved by the President Decree of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 1227 from 09.12.2005. Transportation strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to 2015 year, approved by  the President Decree № 86 from 11.04.06 year of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Motor road Almaty – Kokpec – Chundja – Koktal – Horgos is the regional road that is part of international transit corridor Western Europe – Western China. According to technical performance for design and estimate documents for construction of Toll road section from km 24,1 of road Almaty – Ust-Kamenogorsk to km 126 of road Almaty – Kokpec – Chundja – Koktal – Horgos, given by Almatinskiy encircling highway, the road is a part of 4-lane I-b category with traffic intensity on design road in initial year. In working documentation the road pavement is accounted with subject to axial load 13 tons.  To provide parameters of existing road up to necessary I-b category, replacement and construction of new culvert aqueduct, construction and reconstruction of bridges, arrangement of crossings and road joining, construction of flyover interchanges turbine interchange, half clever leaf and «tightened clever leaf».  Development of road facilities construction, to arrange construction and Environment protection project.

Appointment of the road: Toll road
Road category: Technical category I B
Road completed length: 117,74  km
Number of flyover interchanges: 8 pcs
Bridges and overbridges: 37pcs
Crosswalks: ПК 137+73 Ili Settlement (passage 2,5х4,0); ПК180+01 Aydarli settlement (under bridge)
Pipes  ø1,5 reinforced concrete-175/7391,2 pcs/m, 2х2 reinforced concrete -37/1669,8 pcs/m, 2,5х2,0-33/1487,5 pcs/m, 4х2,5-13/546,8 pcs/m
Main road pavement type:  heavy-duty, cement concrete
Construction period – 3 years

Description of practical works provided by Qulity Planing Co., Ltd

The following tasks are intended for implementation within this project:

  • Traffic intensity forecast
  • Traffic intensity research
  • Defining of long term traffic intensity
  • Topographical and hydrological researches of existing roads, bridges and cuvetes
  • Topographic surveying
  • Detailed bridges study
  • Construction materials study
  • Study of current supply lines
  • Topographical and hydrological researches of designed roads
  • Safety audit of roads and road traffic
  • Preliminary campaign on design of roads, bridges and drainages
  • Study of existing roads, bridges, and other engineering structures
  • Study of adjacent territory natural conditions
  • Study of adjacent territory climatic condition
  • Geotechnical condition
  • Geotechnical condition erection of formation
  • Geotechnical condition of engineering structures section
  • Region climatic condition study
  • Region hydrological characteristic
  • Social studies
  • Cultural and historical, archeological monuments sacrifice works
  • Traffic intensity analysis and research
  • Technical decision making on roads construction and reconstruction
  • Survey of existing overhead voltage lines that intersects the road, intersection angle, line suspension height over the road axis.
  • Survey of existing underground communication lines that intersects the road and intersection angle
  • Longitudinal section design
  • Provide riding surface with drainage system
  • Estimate of pavement construction
  • Design of road engineering structures
  • Design of flyover interchanges
  • Design of road junction on the same level
  • Road development
  • Bus stops, underground passages and pavements
  • Road signs
  • Road lightning design
  • Design of Lay-bies
  • Reconstruction of existing communication lines
  • Construction materials analysis
  • Preparation of construction organization project

Republic of Kazakhstan

Ministry of Transport and communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Highway committee of Almaty region Department