Highway design

  • highway network development;
  • cost-benefit analysis, and detailed design of highways and roads;
  • design of bridges, viaducts, traffic interchanges, underground crossings and skywalks on public roads and in cities;
  • design of road-construction industrial facilities ( asphalt and cement mixing plants), quarries and other infrastructure;
  • engineering surveys (geodesy, geology, hydrology and environment analysis)for road maintenance and rehabilitation, bridges and engineering structures;
  • road and landscape design and development;
  • engineering design and calculations of road and bridge structures;
  • motor roads passport system;
  • consulting services on problems of road construction and maintenance of road structures

Engineering survey and highway design activities include

  • survey and design of reinforced concrete and metal bridges;
  • survey and design of suspension bridges;
  • survey and design of rural roads;
  • survey and design of highway, urban and local roads;
  • survey and geometrical design of local roads and streets;
  • survey of roads and calculation of pavements design;
  • survey and design of galleries and protective constructions;
  • planning, survey and design of the access roads to airports, industrial and commercial hubs;
  • cadastre maintenance of engineering structures;
  • study and engineering support of dangerous geological processes: such as landslides, ice-slides;
  • contract management, construction supervision;
  • traffic safety engineering

Railroad design

  • development of railway networks;
  • design of railroad tracks and crossings;
  • design of external railway junctions and stations, external railroad approaches and link roads to the deposits, enterprises and ports;
  • design of railroads electrification, power-supply system, communications and data lines;
  • engineering analysis of transport structures;
  • survey and design of galleries and protective structures;
  • design of automatic fire-extinguishing device;
  • design of signaling and guard system;
  • cadastre maintenance of engineering structures;
  • study of dangerous engineering geological processes: landslides, ice-slides;
  • traffic safety engineering;
  • contract management, construction supervision

Architecture engineering and design

  • development of the architecture and construction solutions;
  • architectural planning;
  • preparation of drafts and blueprints;
  • pre-drafting;
  • development of project documentation;
  • reconstruction:
  • technical estimation;
  • survey of technical condition of buildings and structures;
  • technical estimation of frame;
  • architectural visualization and animation;
  • presentation films;
  • landscape and visual analysis;
  • visualization of interiors;
  • presentation of projects;
  • architectural illustrations;
  • photofixation;
  • bredboarding


All types of design:

  • design of housing estates and districts: design of dwelling houses, cottages, hospitals, schools, kindergartens;
  • design of administrative and business complexes: offices, banks, colleges, shopping centers;
  • design of resorts: hotels, restaurants, leisure centers;
  • design of sport and fitness complexes: stadiums, swimming-pools, courts;
  • design of automobile operating companies (any capacity or functionality);
  • design of road structures (rest areas, motels etc.);
  • design of underground, single-storey and multi-storey parking lots;
  • and also design of engineering communications: design of engineering services: water supply and sewerage; heating and ventilation; electrification; natural gas supply system; alarm system; telecommunications



  • design of industrial facilities:
  • construction materials production facilities and buildings (brick making plants, cement and asphalt mixing plants);
  • food industry facilities and buildings (sausage shops, confectionery shops, flour-milling plants etc.);
  • textile industry manufacturing facilities;
  • chemical industry;
  • warehouses, logistic centers, terminals;
  • design of warehouses (gas, volatile mixtures and compounds, liquids and solid fractions of products)for chemical, oil and gas and mining industry;
  • woodworking departments, joinery shops;
  • service stations;
  • logistic bases;
  • production centers;
  • petroleum tanks with up to 2000m³ capacity;
  • lubricant store houses and tare storage


Gas stations

  • design of oil-refining stations, petroleum bases (base-storages of oil-products)and active storages of oil-products;
  • design of flowing stations, gas filling stations and points, storage bases of liquefied petrol gas;
  • design of oil-refining and petrochemical industries (including primary and secondary oil-processing for high-grade petrol-industry, low-capacity plants of mazut processing, installation of the bitumen production (asphalt and construction bitumen), installation, prepayment and stabilisation of hydrocarbon materials etc);
  • design of commodity parks and stock tanks as part of petrochemical enterprise;
  • design of storage terminals for oil products; (oil, petrol, diesel fuel, fuel oil, solvent, individual hydrocarbons) including sea crafts, objects of keeping and trans-loading oil;
  • design of gasoline filling stations ( liquid fuel stations, propane filling station liquefied hydrocarbon gases automatic compressor station gas fillers) automatically filling station separately or as part of roadside complex with hotel, auto service station, car wash etc.